A-DIG provides a full scope of financial and management services:

  1. Australian Asset Origination – finding the right deal in Australia for each investor in asset class, location and value range
  2. Investor Selection – matching the best individual or corporate investor to each asset
  3. Transaction Management – professional project due diligence based on sound risk management strategies
  4. Financial Arranging – customized equity and debt solutions
  5. Project Management – coordinating all stages of new development including design, planning, engineering, approvals, contracting and sales
  6. Funds Management – making sure that funds under management achieve solid, risk-mitigated investment returns
  7. Business Operations & Growth – business solutions that are efficient and cost-effective with a clear strategy for long term growth
  8. Accounting & Tax – practical advice on structuring business activities appropriately for Australian conditions
  9. Business Representation – trustworthy and experienced representation for organisations and individuals in Australia.