A-DIG commenced operations in January 2014. In 2015, we are planning to launch our first funds.

The following projects showcase our business capabilities:

    • Project 1: A-DIG has secured investors for an ASX-listed resources business. Resource production will commence in 2015 followed by rapid expansion through an M&A strategy. A-DIG is arranging equity and debt as well as providing operational management and leveraging the opportunities from resource trading.
    • Project 2: A-DIG is creating a new fund to invest in the development and operations of boutique hotels and apartments in Australia.
    • Project 3: A-DIG is assisting a Chinese group to raise fresh capital in Asia for business expansion as well as to invest in Australia in infrastructure, resources and property.
    • Project 4: A-DIG is managing the expansion of an Asian-based real estate development business into the Australian market. A-DIG will coordinate due diligence, final approvals, project management services and financial arranging.
    • Project 5: A-DIG is consolidating a group of agriculture businesses in Australia to provide a complete supply chain solution. The investor is a major Asian foods group.

A-DIG is actively seeking new off-market transactions with genuine vendors who are willing to work cooperatively to grow their businesses.